How to make a permanent black eyeliner at home.. Pamper yourself at the lowest cost

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Kohl is considered one of the best cosmetic tools that help in the appearance of the shape of the eye, so any cosmetic look is not devoid of applying kohl, but it is preferable that it be made of natural materials in order not to cause problems or infections, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the next report a method Make black eyeliner at home with easy and natural ingredients, according to Amal Al-Qalawi, a beautician.

The easiest way to make black eyeliner

How to make black eyeliner at home: Ingredients:

Original natural eyeliner stone


Stone grinding tool


Several grains of aloe vera

Medical natural charcoal

How to prepare black kohl at home:

First, buy the original kohl stone

Then grind it in the kohl grinding tool

Then sift it and get a soft powder that is easy to use

Then grind the charcoal, cloves and black kohl stone after it has been sieved, and be patient, with a blender until it becomes one powdery mixture.

Then apply the kohl in your kohl, or your kohl pencil

Then use it in a convenient way anytime you want, and it can be used over the eye as an alternative to eyeliner

And you can get a calm look consisting of kohl and lipstick only, so wash your face in a good way, then moisturize it in a way that suits the nature of your skin, then apply kohl under the eye in case you want a wide eye, in the case of defining the eye, put kohl inside it, then apply Calm lipstick, preferably made of natural materials, to protect your skin.

How to prepare black kohl
How to prepare black kohl
Kohl components
Kohl components


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