Before Ramadan, find out how to pickle cucumbers and turnips in an easy and simple way

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Ramadan is the month of goodness and gathering, and the intentions increase among family and friends, and any iftar table is not devoid of the presence of a pickled dish, which is considered an appetizer, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines the method of pickling cucumbers and pickled turnips with easy ingredients and a way that helps it last for a longer life without what happens. It has any problems or damage, according to the method of Chef Fatima Abdel Moneim, and also some important tips before pickling that help preserve food for long periods

How to make pickled cucumbers

How to make pickled cucumber: Ingredients:

A kilo of small cucumbers.

liter of water.

4 tablespoons of salt.

One tablespoon of sugar.

How to prepare pickled cucumbers

Cucumbers should be washed well.

Then put the cucumbers in a glass jar in a vertically arranged manner.

Then make the saline solution.

Mix water with salt and sugar and stir well.

Then we add the solution to the cucumbers.

Then we close the jar tightly and keep it in a dry place away from heat.

It is ready to eat after a week.

How to make pickled turnip
How to make pickled turnip

How to pickle turnips: Ingredients:

A kilo of turnip, cut into small, long slices.

liter of water.

4 tablespoons of salt.

One tablespoon of sugar.

Half a teaspoon of chili.

How to prepare pickled turnip:

Pickled turnip is one of the pickles that may spoil quickly, so the water must be boiled first and allowed to cool completely.

Then add the salt, sugar, chili and my heart well.

Then prepare a jar, and put the turnip after washing it well.

Then add the brine to it, close the jar tightly, and keep it in a dry place. It will be ready to eat after ten days.

Mixed pickles
Mixed pickles


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