A Japanese company creates a cloth bag for workers to wear from home to keep them warm.. Video

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Some people are sometimes forced to work from home, and during that they may feel uncomfortable, which makes them search for any place inside the bedroom or living room so that they can work while they feel comfortable, so the Tokyo Takeo Swing brand invented a cloth bag that can be worn, and makes the employee look like an onion, According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The report indicated that wearing a cloth bag while working may seem silly, but the employee may feel comfortable as he can put the laptop in front of him, which prompts him to accomplish the required work, and at the same time he feels warm as well.

The purpose of manufacturing a beanbag

The main purpose of the beanbag is to help the employee relax, according to Shogo Takekawa, a representative for the beanbag manufacturer, who notes that the beanbag has become a hit on Japanese social media.

wear the bag

Japanese coffee shop designer said, Ryuji Baba “It makes you a little heavy around the middle, but it’s fun.” The bean bag is available in three sizes – one for kids, medium and large – and it’s priced at 15,800 yen (£100).

Another image
Another image

The idea of ​​the cloth bag comes from the fact that the spread of the Corona virus prompted many Japanese to spend more time at home, so the company created the bag to make the employee feel comfortable while working from home.

canvas bag
canvas bag

He said Yuu Matsuzaki a product buyer for a store MaruiThe bags could prove to be a seasonal success in Japan, where many homes typically lack central heating, and one woman said of the bean bag: “It was lighter than I thought, but it is warm and I think in winter I would feel very warm after wear this.”


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