5 golden tips if you have to go down in “Zaabib Amshir”

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Dust and stormy weather are one of the signs of entering the month of Amshir, and when it begins, there are many who refrain from going outside the house to preserve their internal health, skin, and even clothes, but there are those who are forced to go down, whether to work or attend external meetings, and this causes direct exposure to the dusty atmosphere. And therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews some tips to protect yourself as much as possible from this dust and “Amsheer rabble”, according to the website’s bulletin. familyhandyman.

Choose the right clothes

You have to choose the appropriate clothes, and it is preferable to stay away from bright colors such as white, rose, and so on, so that their shape is not affected by dust and changes in color, and they can be replaced with colors with neutral shades such as brown, gray and red. Wear a medical mask.


Wear sunglasses and avoid contact lenses

Before going down, you must make sure to wear sunglasses with a wide frame in order to protect your eyes from all sides from dust reaching them, exposing them to dust sensitivity, or dust entering your eyes, which causes them to be scratched or severely injured, in addition to avoiding wearing contact lenses, so as not to be affected by the weather. , and then affect your eye, and it is preferable to consult your doctor to prescribe sterile eye drops suitable for your eye.

Wearing a medical mask

Some consider that the medical mask is necessary only to avoid infection from diseases, but it can also be used to protect the nose from dust and weather fluctuations, which are not suitable for inhalation.

skin care
skin care

Choose the right shoe

Although some believe that he can wear shoes made of velor or natural leather, and that they are suitable for this weather, but they are a wrong way, especially when going to meetings, because they appear dirty easily, which causes a bad look.

Skin protection

Maintaining the health of your skin and hair

You have to choose the right moisturizer for your skin and apply it a while before you go down so that it does not absorb dust while you are in the street, and keep it on your face for the duration of your exit, or until you wash your face and moisturize it again. As for your hair, it is preferable to comb it well and tie it in the form of a ponytail or itch so that it does not get dry, or Harmful dust for hair and scalp.


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