4 Horoscopes whose personalities are volatile like the fluctuations of the month of Amshir.. Be aware of their fanaticism

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With the beginning of “Abu Al-Za’ib” the month of Amshir, as it is said, due to the turbulence of the climate in it, and the emergence of some harsh dust storms, despite the cold weather, but we may find a slight rise in temperature at times, which makes many people not expect what will happen in it, and every day Variable from the other, also there are some people who have a volatile personality as a result of several factors, due to anger, focus, or remembering sad situations, which make their time of happiness and calm turn over in a second, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some of these personalities according to the astrological sign and horoscopes The numbers, according to expert Maya Naji, are as follows.

capricious personality


The horoscope and numerology expert said that those born in the sign of Leo are easily volatile, like Amshir strongly, and they are at the top of volatile personalities, especially if they get angry or feel despair or injustice to them in any situation, and they do not describe quickly, but rather remember all the people who caused them this anger .

Mood Swings
Mood Swings


Cancer comes in second place, as the horoscope and numerology expert said about them that they have a strong memory, especially with sad situations. In one moment, their condition turns from overwhelming happiness to sadness that may reach crying as a result of remembering an action, situation, or even a sentence that caused them pain. At the same time, even if many years have passed since these situations, they remember them in detail.


Depending on the place and the people surrounding Gemini, their psychological state changes quickly and without warning. You may find them in a meeting in the morning, and in the evening they stay up at a party. They can adapt greatly to situations, but when angry, you find their personality hardening at a speed that you will not imagine.

capricious personality
Another fickle personality


And about those born in the sign of Libra, the horoscope and numerology expert said that they have a volatile personality that may turn in a moment from calm to overwhelming bustle, especially if they feel sad, you may find them in the saddest times they go through trying to listen to music in order to avoid this feeling, but they are in one moment They may cry non-stop.


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