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Very cold weather, snow over the heights, and warnings of freezing

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publish date 2023-02-08 08:13:22

The crossing of the new air front is completed in the morning, and with the evening hours, the depression, which is classified as a fourth degree, gradually moves away from the Kingdom, so that the weather condition gradually eases at that time.

During daylight hours, temperatures are lower than usual rates for this time of the year by about 8-10 degrees Celsius.

The weather is very cold and often cloudy in most regions, with showers of rain and hail falling from time to time in the center of the kingdom and the northern parts of the southern regions in addition to parts of the north of the kingdom and some southern and eastern regions, and these rains are mixed Snowy at times. And low clouds touching the surface of the earth cross the mountain heights, which leads to the formation of fog at intervals.

Snow is expected to fall intermittently over the high mountain heights, which are more than 1,000 meters above sea level, with occasional accumulation, and they include the heights of the Southern Mazar District and Muta in the Karak Governorate, and the various heights of the Tafila Governorate, which are expected to have good accumulations on Wednesday morning. . Snow also falls intermittently on the peaks west of the capital, Amman, such as the heights of the Sweileh region, Tla’a Al-Ali, Jubaiha, the University of Jordan, Dabouq, Abu Alanda, and the surrounding areas, and the Balqa peaks such as Zai, Umm Joza, and Al-Buhaira, in addition to the heights of the Jerash and Ajloun mountains. Such as Ras Munif, Thagrat Asfour, Triangle al-Qaeda and the peaks of the Suf region and the high surrounding areas, in addition to the heights of the areas of Deir al-Kahf, Umm al-Qattin, Sabha and Subhiya in the Mafraq governorate adjacent to Jabal al-Arab.

In the morning hours, the level of snowfall is expected to decrease intermittently to areas with a height of less than 1000 meters, and sometimes snowfalls include several neighborhoods of the capital, Amman, and cities, but the accumulations are different from one region to another depending on the continuity of precipitation and the extent of the height above sea level. .

The winds are westerly, moderate to brisk.

In the Gulf of Aqaba:

Wind: brisk westerly.

Sea condition and wave height: light, wave height (5-10 cm).

Sea water surface temperature: 22 degrees Celsius.


1) Pay attention to the dangers of valleys flowing, the formation of torrents, the rise in water levels in the north and center of the Kingdom, and the occurrence of water bodies.

2) Pay attention while driving due to the low horizontal visibility caused by fog and clouds touching the earth’s surface.

3) Pay attention while driving on the roads of high mountain heights, especially the heights of Karak and Tafila, from the dangers of slipping as a result of hail and snow.

4) Observe the safe use of heating devices.

A frigid polar air mass rushes into the kingdom behind the depression, without major atmospheric activity, which leads to a significant drop in temperatures.

In the night hours, temperatures drop significantly and approach zero degrees Celsius in many areas.

The chances and intensity of precipitation gradually decline, and the weather turns to be severely cold over the mountainous heights and very cold in the rest of the regions, with the possibility of freezing, especially in the peaks of the high mountain heights.

And quantities of clouds and low clouds continue to appear, and the opportunity remains ripe for some local showers of rain and snow.

The wind is light and variable in direction.


1) Pay attention to low temperatures and their approach to zero degrees Celsius.

2) Pay attention to the dangers of freezing in the high mountain peaks.

3) Taking into account the safe use of heating devices.

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