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Dams storage in Jordan increased to 109 million cubic meters

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publish date 2023-02-08 22:33:21

The stock of dams in Jordan increased, on Wednesday evening, to 109 million cubic meters, or 39% of the total stock, according to Manar Mahasneh, Secretary-General of the Jordan Valley Authority.

Mahasneh told the “After the News” program that there are proposals for new dam sites and their studies are ready, and we are now looking for funding to implement them.

And she indicated that the dams depend on rainfall, noting that there are two dams that were operational at the end of the year 2022, namely the Ibn Hammad Dam in the Southern Ghor Brigade, specifically in the modern Ghor region, and the Al-Fidan Dam in the Wadi Araba district.

She added that a study is being conducted on all the northern and southern valleys in the Jordan Valley regions, and this study indicates that all northern valleys are exploited. Either by building dams on them or exploited by the Jordan Valley Authority, the Water Authority, and citizens living near the course of these valleys.

She explained that the Jordan Valley Authority worked to implement about 489 water harvesting sites in various regions. It aims at underground shipping in the first place, preventing floods from population centers, and rehabilitating the environmental systems in the region.

“Our plans now during the coming years are to implement 57 sites,” according to Mahasneh, who indicated that “these sites are being implemented with the Ministry of Agriculture; Through a memorandum of understanding, through the Royal Engineering Corps, and through the private sector and various organizations.

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