What does etiquette say about chewing gum? It is forbidden to work, the street and the home have conditions

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Many girls like to chew gum in order to improve their mood, and get out the negative energy and tension that they feel, but they may chew gum in a strange way, or in a loud voice without noticing that, which makes those around her look at her with unkind looks, and whoever wants to Chewing gum is to chew it very carefully, so that those in front of it do not get the impression that it is not serious, and there are many etiquettes that we do not know or that we may ignore, and among those etiquette is chewing gum, according to the website theclassywoman.


There are certain times when you should not chew gum

Chewing gum at work

Every person, especially a girl, should avoid chewing gum at work, during a meeting, or in job interviews, because participation is required and it is difficult to speak normally when eating gum. Even everyone may notice that teachers when pupils chew gum do not agree to this until they learn. Commitment and order, and even any work in which there is direct communication with the customer, the employee should not chew gum in front of the customer, which gives the impression of not respecting him enough, because when staring at anyone who does not chew gum means that he respects the interlocutor greatly.

Chewing gum at home

Chewing gum is not desirable when sitting in front of elderly family members, as they may not be able to hear what you are saying when chewing gum, and certainly the elderly consider chewing gum to be a little vulgar, especially if it is accompanied by a lot of noise, and those who want to chew gum can To chew it with her mouth closed.

eat gum

eat gum

Chew softly

The girl may have a habit of chewing gum, which makes her feel a lot of improvement and comfort. It is better to chew it with the mouth closed, and the girl may chew it to make the mouth more refreshing. In this case, the gum can be replaced with mint. For those who want to chew gum more freely, they can chew it at home. And not to appear in frankincense in public places.

How to get rid of frankincense

Sometimes we may find someone sticking gum under a desk or chair, and this is disgusting, and of course no one wants his shoes to stick to gum, and the most hygienic and respectful thing is to get rid of the gum in a small handkerchief, and remove the gum quickly from the mouth, while throwing it in the trash quickly, and no Gum should be spit in the trash, it’s horrible.

chewing gum


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