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The month of Amshir comes to us after several hours, and this month is known for the abundance of dust, as it is scattered everywhere inside the homes, and dust is difficult, especially for those who suffer from sinuses, and they find it difficult to breathe during this difficult weather, and with the beginning of tomorrow begins the month of Amshir, which is considered The sixth month of the Egyptian calendar, and the month of Amshir comes after the month of Tuba, and precedes the month of Baramhat, and it abounds in many dust storms..

Which makes the whole place contain thick dust.

How to remove dust from the house:

There are ways to remove dust faster and easier, and these tips are as follows:

1- Using a vacuum cleaner:

In order for the dust flying in the air to be removed, it is important to clean with a vacuum cleaner regularly, in order to reduce the dust flying in the air of the house, with the possibility of changing the filter in an orderly manner, and the vacuum cleaner can be used according to each house and according to whether there are small children or children Breeding pets of dogs and cats.


2- Dust the surfaces in the house:

A sponge or damp cloth can be used to prevent dust from simply moving dust around. Starting at the top of the surface and then moving down to the ground level can be avoided. Some dry dust cleaners are designed to help attract dust. These products may contain substances Toxic chemical that can be a health and lung hazard.

dirt removal

dirt removal

3- Wiping the floors:

After completing the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, and removing the existing dust, a wet mop must be used to clean the floors of the house, while avoiding toxic detergents, and it is better to use natural detergents, such as soap and warm water to clean the floors, with some vinegar to help disinfect surfaces, and do not leave Odor, it disappears quickly.

Floor sweeping

Floor sweeping

4- Reducing dirt:

It can help reduce the entry of dirt into the house by making family members remove shoes when entering the house, and placing mops in front of the doors, which reduces the spread of dirt throughout the house.

5 – Prevent dust from leaking into the house:

The dust that enters the house can be reduced by putting insulation on the entrance and windows and filling gaps and cracks, which reduces the consumption of money spent on heating the house.

6- Changing the bed sheets:

Be sure to change sheets and pillowcases for bedding, and wash them at least once a week, and this method is simple and helps prevent dust build-up.

Sheet change
Sheet change


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