Not just for looking.. 5 different uses for carrots, most notably fertilizing the plant and rejuvenating the skin

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Carrots have many health benefits and different uses, whether in cooking food or desserts, etc., and despite its sweet taste, it is a low-calorie vegetable that can be eaten with any diet, and that is why “The Seventh Day” reviews some unusual benefits and uses of carrots, and that According to the website bulletinorganicauthority“.

Skin cell regeneration

Carrots contain a large proportion of beta-carotene, and it is considered the most powerful antioxidant found in vegetables or fruits. It is a substance that works to protect and preserve free radicals, which makes it protect the skin from infections, the appearance of fine lines, and signs of aging. Other than the necessity of eating it, it can be used as a mask. Daily on the skin, it helps moisturize and facilitates the skin’s absorption of vitamins and serums that you use in your daily routine.

Carrot uses

Promotes hair growth

Carrots are a rich source of this vitamin C AndAIn addition to carotenoids and potassium, all of these benefits help in supplying health and strength to the hair, as it protects it from brittleness, and for frizz, you can use a boiled carrot weekly, mix it with a cream bath and leave it on the hair for 15 minutes and then wash it, and after completing the hair wash, you can pour Boiling water on the ends of the hair to take advantage of the vitamins in that water.

Use it as compost

The remains of carrot pulp can be used for agricultural soil, because it contains more vitamins and tonics that benefit plant roots, as it gives them moisture and keeps them from rotting.


Good for teeth and gums

Carrot works to protect the teeth from the formation of tartar and pigmentation on them, as it freshens the breath, and keeps the mouth from forming bacteria that cause bad odors, and this is what works to promote oral health.

It is used as an appetite suppressant

It is preferable to serve carrots to children in the form of jam, as an appetizer for them. Carrot jam can be prepared by chopping 8 carrots, slices of two lemons and two oranges, with 11 cups of water and 4 cups of sugar, stir well, soak for 24 hours, then filter from Lemon and orange slices, then the previous mixture is boiled until the mixture becomes thick and poured into sterilized glass jars.

The benefits of carrots
The benefits of carrots


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