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A few hours, and the month of Brick ends, and the month of Amshir comes to us, which is called “the squalls of Amshir” due to the large number of dust storms that may fill its sky. The month of Amshir is the sixth month among the Coptic months, and it is famous for the activity of the winds and the cold weather.

Therefore, preparation is required to receive this month well, and a group of popular proverbs were said about it this month: “Amsheer takes the boys as a ride” and “Amsheer takes the old woman and flies.”

On the occasion of the advent of Amshir, there is the most important information for everyone to prepare for this month.

It begins on February 8th after the end of the brick month.

The month of Amshir is associated with the Egyptian agricultural and harvest calendar

It is the sixth month of the Egyptian calendar

Strongly known winds and extreme cold

Its name goes back to the god of whirlwinds and winds among the Pharaohs

The Egyptians called him many proverbs, including: “If an Amshir face, knead from the well,” and “Amsheer makes the old woman his skin, and the young man his monkey,” and a proverb concerning crops. In Amshir, the tall is equal to the short).

Peasants and farmers depend on it during their cultivation, whether sowing grain or collecting crops

The winds of Amshir transport the ears of corn between the crops to fill them until the harvest dates.

Leaves fall from the trees in Amshir because of the gusts and burning poisons

At the end of it, the wind usually changes its direction and comes from the south, and its coldness changes to hot winds, which ripen the crops.


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