How to make permanent and healthy lipstick with simple ingredients in your home

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We may find a large number of girls looking for a permanent lipstick free of any chemicals, so we may find that there is difficulty for several reasons, we may find that lipstick is not free from the entry of unnatural materials, so the “seventh day” reviews in the following lines how it works A firm and healthy lipstick with natural ingredients from beets, according to the method of Amal Al-Qalawi, a beauty and skin care expert.

Steady rouge of beets

How to make a firm rouge of beets:

the components

A tablespoon of boiled beets

A spoonful of sweet almond oil

A teaspoon of medical Vaseline

A spoonful of raw cocoa butter

A quarter cup of warm water

How to prepare a firm rouge from beets

Prepare a clean bowl

Then add the boiled beets, and mash them with a wooden spoon or fork

Then add a little water to the beets

Then put the pot on the fire, stirring in one direction, until it boils

Then add sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, and Vaseline to the beetroot mixture, with constant stirring, until combined.

Then remove the mixture from the heat, and wait until it cools down a bit in the refrigerator for 60 to 65 minutes. Thus, the lipstick becomes ready for use in all different looks as desired, and it can also be put in a sleep makeup look by putting a little of it on the lips and cheeks in a simple way that makes you appear in the best possible way without exposure to any damage from unnatural substances.

How to make firm rouge
How to make firm rouge


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