Get ready for Ramadan.. How to make pickled lemon with a delicious taste

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A few weeks separate us from the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, and we find that there are a large number of families who prefer to eat mixed pickles with breakfast and suhoor meals, so the seventh day reviews, in the following lines, the method of making pickled lemons, and the method of pickling mixed pickles according to the method of Chef Fatima Abdel Moneim

How to prepare pickled lemon

How to pickle mixed pickles: Ingredients:

An appropriate amount of cauliflower, cut into small florets

A quarter kilo of cucumber, cut into circular slices

Round sliced ​​carrots

Five boiled lemons

An appropriate amount of kale, sliced

Beet slices

Five cloves of minced garlic

3 hot peppers

Half a cup of lemon juice

liter of water

4 tablespoons of salt

How to prepare the mixed pickles:

Prepare an appropriate container Then mix carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, beets, turnips and lemon

Then add chopped garlic and hot pepper to them

Then prepare a glass bowl or jar for pickles

Then put all the ingredients in it

How to make the pickle solution:

Prepare another bowl, then add a liter of cold water

Then add salt, sugar and lemon juice, and stir well until the salt and sugar dissolve

Add the solution to the problem pickles

Close the jar tightly, and keep it in a dry place away from heat or moisture. The pickles will be ready to eat after ten days.

How to prepare pickled lemon: Ingredients:

A kilo of yellow lemon

grated carrots

hot pepper

3 minced garlic cloves

A cup of lemon juice

2 liters of water

Half a cup of coarse salt

How to prepare pickled lemon:

First, prepare an amount of hot water, then put the lemon for ten minutes, then filter it from the hot water

Then put it in ice water for ten minutes

Also filter it and let it cool completely

Then prepare a lemon solution:

Add 2 liters of water

Then add half a cup of coarse salt and lemon juice and my heart well

Then prepare a glass jar and put lemon, hot pepper and grated carrots in it

Then add the brine, close the jar tightly and store in a dry place. It will be ready to eat after three days

Pickled lemon
Pickled lemon
Mixed pickles
Mixed pickles


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