Can used clothes be given as a gift? Know what etiquette says

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The real meaning of presenting gifts is that the one who presents them is a person who is interested in the matter of the Mahdi to him. He presents his congratulations for any occasion with a simple and elegant gift that expresses his personality and benefits him. To him, which is the gift of used clothes, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, the etiquette of dealing in the case of gifting or presenting used clothes, according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert in human relations etiquette, indicated.

used clothes

The etiquette expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “Giving used clothes is not correct between work and club girlfriends, second-degree relatives, and female neighbors, but it is preferable that they be of first-degree order in order to accept them and consider them as a kind of affection and love with first-degree relatives and girlfriends.

newborn clothes

And she continued: “There are gifts that do not cause embarrassment, but are considered among the gifts of nice used clothes that are preferred by all women, and are considered among the customs and traditions followed among sisters and relatives, which, when presented, are considered as a good omen, which is the presentation of newborn children’s clothes.”

pregnant clothes

And she continued: “Also, pregnant clothes. These clothes are presented to the pregnant mother in the last months of pregnancy. It is allowed to be presented among sisters, brother’s wives, and close friends.

Etiquette before giving used clothes as a gift

It must be taken into account that a gift is like a smile that is the key to hearts. It is not right when presenting it to make the gifted sad and make him think and ask himself about its value in the eyes of the gift giver. It is important that the clothes are in good condition with their full value and all buttons that do not contain any parts. It is large, even if it has small pieces, so the presenter of the gift should fix it, fix its zippers, and fix its buttons, then wash the clothes with a strong detergent to remove the traces of old stains and the smell of the owner of the clothes.

perfuming clothes

And she continued: “If it is given to children, it should be perfumed with children’s cologne And if it is women’s clothes, they must be scented with a clothes perfume or a perfume intended for women, and then folded as new. The gifter can also buy self-adhesive bags, although they are cheap, but they give value to the shape of the gift. It is also important to put the clothes in a gift bag. Colorful and scented.

Handling before and after giving gifts

The presenter of the gift must do so with a gentle smile and disclose that her brothers and friendship allow her to give her pieces of her own clothes or the clothes of her children. This prelude makes the gifted person not surprised by the gift when she opens it. It’s your gift.

Etiquette in the event of rejection of used clothes

If the gifted woman does not like the idea of ​​a gift, then when opening the gift to thank her for it, she can gently apologize to her for the fact that the measurements do not fit any of her children or do not suit her, or that these clothes do not suit her tendencies or the colors do not match her clothes and thank her with a repeat The clothes were in the bag

Etiquette of offering used clothes
Etiquette of offering used clothes
Better used clothes
Better used clothes


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