An owl attacks the villagers of Midland, England

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Residents of the town of Black Country are being terrorized by an aggressive owl that pounces on them from the sky and attacks adults, children and pets, according to the Daily Mail.

The Canadian Great Horned Owl has been preying on the locals who live in… Sedgley , West Midlands which leaves some people too afraid to leave their homes.


Sightings of the “psychic” bird, believed to be an illegal runaway pet, have increased in recent weeks as have indiscriminate attacks on members of the public..


A woman tells of being attacked by an owl

Liz Hodgkins, 74, was attacked by the sharp claws of an owl just before Christmas on her driveway and left with deep gashes on her scalp.

Grandmother of five children, who SedgleyShe received a bloody head wound when she went to lock her front garden gates in December.

The retired lab technician said, “I live in a relatively big house and I was driving down to close the gate. The owl was in the tree and I waved to it and said hello. When I was walking back I felt this big bang on the back of the head. My grandchildren were staying and they were worried about me when they saw all the blood.”

He added, “I asked my neighbor and he said he was also attacked while taking the dog out, they see it on their fence, it looks really bad, one of the neighbors tolerates it and doesn’t want anything to happen to it, even though it’s not a domestic bird, I think it’s a pet that I’ve owned unintentionally.” Legal but you wouldn’t know.”


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