Amethyst is the lucky stone for February.. Know how to use it and obtain its energy

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Each month of the year has its own lucky stone, whether you were born in it or born in another month, and it is chosen according to its type and compatibility with the zodiac lines in order to be more fortunate for its user. The American Association of Jewelers standardized the official birthstones for each month in 1912, given The association registered the amethyst stone as the lucky stone for the month of February.mindbodygreenIt is said that Queen Cleopatra always wore a ring decorated with this stone to increase her enlightenment, passion and love.

First: the specifications of the amethyst stone

The amethyst stone is distinguished by its distinctive purple color, and it is an accumulation of silica over time. It is also the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. The origin of this stone goes back to more than one country in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, the United States, Uruguay and Zambia.


Second: the benefits of amethyst stone

Calm the mind

This type of gem helps to calm the mind and relax and reduces the feeling of anxiety and tension, and it also helps the body to get relaxation and relieve muscle pain after strenuous exercise,

Weight loss

The amethyst stone helps balance the metabolism process, which facilitates the process of burning calories more efficiently. It also gets rid of all that is negative such as bad eating habits, and gives a feeling of comfort and lack of hesitation when adhering to a harsh diet.


Third: How to use amethyst stone

When needed to use it to lose weight, it can be caught while doing some yoga exercises, put it in the hand and close it well.

When using it to get rid of toxins or negative energy, it is preferable to empty the room and lie on the floor and place it on your left side. In this way, it promotes cleansing the body from the inside and outside, purifying and opening the chakras, and it is preferable to sit in an open place, or in the place where it is most present.

When used to reduce headaches, it is preferable to sleep and place the stone upside down on the head area in the place where the pain is located, then close your eyes and imagine that the lines in the crystal stone absorb the pain.

Amethyst stone
Amethyst stone


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