A dog named Taylor Swift and 9 of her cubs bear the names of her songs. Know the story

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A rescue dog, named Taylor Swift, after the famous singer, gave birth to 9 puppies on her first night at an animal shelter, where the staff named each of the puppies after the songs of the famous pop singer Taylor Swift.

A dog named Taylor Swift

animal shelters

And 3.1 million dogs enter animal shelters each year, and in this case, the dog brought in a large number of puppies, according to Newsweek.

Taylor Swift and her pups
Taylor Swift and her pups

9 healthy dogs

The dog was first found wandering around Las Vegas stray, on November 30, 2022, and was transferred to a local shelter, and within 24 hours, she gave birth to at least 9 healthy puppies.

From the dog’s name, the staff took the names of her puppies, as they began naming her dogs after some of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs.

A few days after they were born, the bitch and her cubs were brought to the hospital The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, where they were placed in a nursing home.

For her part, said Brittany Thorne, Executive Director at Best Friends Animal Society“The dog has been a wonderful mother and we wanted her to have some time to relax at home and get the love and attention she deserves,” told Newsweek.

After a brief stay in Utah, the dog and her pups are on the move again, heading to Best Friends Pets adoption center in Los Angeles, in what the staff hopes will be their last resting place before finding a forever home..

Thorne explained, “Best Friends LA runs a strong adoption program, and we felt that bringing the whole family to LA would give them the best profile to be able to see and adopt. A pet is the best chance of being adopted.”


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