4 benefits of swimming in winter, most notably hair growth and anxiety relief

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Many believe that enjoying swimming only in the hot summer months only, and although many are eager to enjoy the water, and that it is able to clear his mind and get rid of the negative energy surrounding him, he postpones that experience until the advent of summer, but there are many benefits of swimming in Winter and in cold water make you at least seek to go down in it once a week, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the benefits of swimming in cold water, according to the “Seventh Day” website.centerofexcellence“.

Get rid of anxiety

One of the most important steps of meditation exercises is regulating breathing, in order to obtain the greatest degree of calm and reassurance, and one of the first benefits of swimming in cold water is regulating breathing, which occurs after the initial shock immediately after entering cold water, and this is what causes anxiety and tension to be eliminated, and meditation increases. And enjoying nature, and according to the site, some swimmers say that they have been able to relieve depression with the overwhelming joy of swimming in the cool outdoors, which is a particularly supportive and welcoming space from nature.

Swimming in cold water

Stimulate hair growth

Swimming in cold water stimulates blood circulation, which helps in the secretion of natural oils that benefit the hair, and gets rid of dandruff. entanglement faster.


improve blood circulation

Swimming in cold water activates the blood circulation, and its regular flow until it reaches the extremities strongly, and it also helps your vital organs to feel warm as a result of the heart pumping blood more efficiently to the blood vessels, which increases the proportion of oxygen and nutrients that the body needs through the blood.


Help connect with nature

Cold water can help you connect with nature resulting in a sense of relaxation and calmness, relief from mental problems, and detachment from the daily struggles we go through.


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