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The stability of the electrical system and the high demand for kerosene and gas

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publish date 2023-02-07 17:11:50

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority, Eng. Ziyad Al-Saaida, said that the electrical network witnessed stability during the depression period, and that the faults in the electric current were limited and regular in such circumstances, and they were dealt with immediately and fully remedied.

He added that the authority’s monitoring and emergency center, which operates around the clock, has received since yesterday morning 117 calls about individual faults in various regions of the Kingdom with electricity distribution companies, all of which were dealt with immediately and fully addressed.

During his inspection of the service provision at the Electricity Distribution Company’s Call Center and Public Service, in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Authority, Dr. Imad Al-Najdawi, and the General Manager of the Distribution Company, Eng. Reem Hamdan, he emphasized the necessity of speeding up and facilitating the provision of service to citizens, responding to citizens’ inquiries and complaints and addressing them as quickly as possible.

Al-Saaida also praised the progress of the performance in the monitoring and control center of the National Electric Power Company to ensure the sustainability of the electrical system and maintain its reliability, especially in light of the high maximum load of the system, which recorded yesterday evening 3980 megawatts, and this came during his accompanying the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr.

Sa’eda, accompanied by members of the Board of Commissioners, also inspected the progress of work in the oil derivatives sector, and visited the Petroleum Products Marketing Company (Go Petrol) to ensure the sustainability of providing services to citizens.

He added that the demand for kerosene witnessed a noticeable increase yesterday, as the quantity of demand reached 1,737,101 liters, an increase of 30.7 percent compared to the previous day, which is higher than the average for this time of year, and the increase in the number of gas cylinders that were ordered yesterday reached 230,616 cylinders, an increase of 18 percent. Compared to the quantity of demand the previous day, and that the filling centers are available with the required quantities, while the demand for the rest of the derivatives witnessed stability in the size of the demand.

Al-Saaida emphasized that the authority continues its oversight role on companies operating in the sector to ensure that measures are taken to ensure the continuity of electric current and service provision, and to ensure the availability of kerosene, diesel and gasoline materials at gas stations, and the commitment to provide gas cylinders to citizens in all regions of the Kingdom. Pointing out the importance of the role of the Control and Emergency Center in the Commission in coordinating with the operating authorities in the sector and following up their performance to ensure the speedy treatment of any faults on the networks and repairing them as soon as possible and securing oil derivatives in coordination with the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company, marketing companies, owners of fuel stations, filling centers and gas depots, and ensuring that Commitment to performance standards and implementation of approved emergency plans to serve the interest of the sector and subscribers. He called on citizens to report any breakdowns or shortages in the provision of service in the energy sector.

Yesterday, Monday, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority, Eng. Ziyad Al-Saaida, declared a state of extreme emergency in the energy sector to deal with the repercussions of the depression that is currently affecting the Kingdom.

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