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Risks and difficulties in working for private sector workers due to weather conditions

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publish date 2023-02-07 10:32:09

The head of the General Union for Workers in Public Services, Free Professions, Communications and Information Technology, Khaled Abu Marjoub, said that workers in private sector facilities face risks and difficulties related to working hours during the prevailing weather conditions, which would endanger their lives and affect their safety.

Abu Marjoub added, “The reality of the infrastructure, the absence of a safe transportation system, and the weakness of occupational safety and health standards within the work environment; It leads – in such weather conditions – to the worker enduring a lot of suffering in reaching his place of work, and may put his life in danger.”

He explained that one of the rights of the worker in the work environment is; Safe access to the workplace while maintaining its safety, as well as the availability of occupational safety and health requirements and requirements within the work environment; Like heating and protective tools that protect him from extreme cold and rain. In addition to public safety requirements that provide protection for workers and maintain the continuity of the production wheel, and the continuity of the services it provides, especially with regard to providing the basic needs of citizens.

Abu Marjoub called on the Ministry of Labor to issue a circular to reduce working hours in private sector establishments today, and to delay it until tomorrow, especially with the deepening of the cold air mass of polar origin, and the continuation of the weather condition affecting the Kingdom for tomorrow, according to what was announced by the Meteorological Department.

Abu Marjoub called for activating the flexible work system in institutions and companies whose nature of work is commensurate with “remote work”; In order to preserve the safety of workers, stressing the importance of providing occupational safety and health requirements by employers, taking weather conditions into account when dealing with the issue of adherence to working hours, and not burdening the worker with additional burdens due to difficult weather.

He said that the government’s decision to suspend school students protects students, but it also has repercussions for workers, and confusion may occur among working parents, which requires taking into account the working hours of private sector workers. How are they going to go to work and leave their kids at home?

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