A married couple decides to spend the rest of their lives on a cruise ship to save money

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The duo, Angeline and Richard Burke, from the United States, decided to pack their bags and live their lives at sea, and now the couple is living the dream after they decided to sell their home and live permanently on a cruise ship, according to the website. heart.

Angeline Burke, 53, and her husband, Richard, of Seattle, packed their bags ashore in May 2021 in an attempt to satisfy their love of travel..

Despite spending all their time exploring wonderful places, the couple found that living on the sea was cheaper than paying the mortgage on their home on land.


By their calculations, they could travel for the rest of their lives for as little as $62 a day, about £35.

Former accountant Anglin told Australian 7News, “We love to travel, and we were looking for a way to travel frequently in our retirement that made financial sense.”

The couple have been at sea for a year now and regularly share photos of their travels on Facebook where they have been seen on and off ships..

Cruise ship
Cruise ship

They also visited places such as Sydney, Singapore, Italy, Canada and the Bahamas, Angeline explained, “Our original plan was to stay in different countries for a month at a time and eventually retire on cruise ships as we got older. We love to travel and we were looking for a way.” To travel frequently in our retirement makes financial sense,” she added, “that’s well within our retirement budget.”

The average daily cost on cruise ships is £72

In speaking to CNN Earlier this year, I told Angelina network CNN The average daily cost on cruise ships is £72, including room rate, food, entertainment, transportation, tips, port fees and taxes. Meanwhile, the average home price in Seattle is about £740,058.

After the story spread on the siteReddit One person commented, “Food, medical care, cleaning services, laundry service, all for less than half of what a retirement home would cost… crazy.”

Another person said, “There are retired seniors who do that, there are doctors on those ships and they cost less than nursing homes.”.


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