6 tips for natural eyelash care, the most important of which are massage and green tea

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We are used to hearing skin or hair care routines and we do a daily routine to preserve them and avoid any problems that may expose them to harm, but have you thought that eyelashes also have a routine that must be adhered to in order to avoid their breakage or falling out? Yes, eyelashes can be affected by external factors, whether nature, such as weather fluctuations, Other factors, such as damage to the make-up used daily, and therefore the seventh day reviews you some simple methods and steps that must be followed, to preserve and take care of your eyelashes, according to the site “evedare“.

Avoid false eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes are one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make against her natural eyelashes and eyelids, due to the large number of damages resulting from the use of glue on the eyelids and eyelashes, as it causes erosion of the skin layer and eyelashes falling, in addition to the damage that can reach the eyelash follicle, which leads to To not show hair again out.

Eyelash care

Correct makeup removal

It is normal to use eyeliner, eyeliner, mascara, and more eyelid shadow on occasions to appear with a distinctive look, and all of this needs to be removed after the end of the occasion. Harsh makeup removal.

Use of nutritional supplements

You should pay attention to adding vitamins and nutritional supplements to the daily routine to maintain the health of eyelashes, and one of those supplements that you must take is vitamin B2and vitamin Ecalcium and antioxidants.


Choose a suitable mascara

When choosing mascara, you should choose a type that is free of chemicals that break down and dry eyelashes, especially mascaras that contain ethyl alcohol.

Green tea

Green tea has a lot of benefits besides digestion, it works to promote the growth of eyelashes, due to the growth promoting compound called EGCGThis is not only with a drink, but by applying it to the eye for at least 5 minutes a day before going to sleep.

Eyelashes intensification
Eyelashes intensification

Massage regularly

Massage activates blood circulation, but provided that the massage is calm and not by rubbing the eyelashes so as not to lead to the loss of eyelashes.


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