6 steps to get rid of insomnia and sleep problems.. Turning off the computer and mobile phone is necessary

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Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which a person finds it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. The condition may be temporary (acute) or last for a long time (chronic), and acute insomnia can extend from one night to several weeks, while chronic insomnia appears when it occurs at least three nights a week for three months or more, and to get rid of these disorders you can Follow some simple steps reviewed by the seventh day, according to the website “wexnermedical” as follows:

Why can’t we sleep?

In addition to worrying about the stresses of life, there are several other causes of insomnia. Certain medical conditions such as chronic pain, hyperthyroidism, allergies or sinus problems, asthma, digestive problems such as reflux, and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease can make sleep difficult. Cardiovascular, asthma, thyroid disease, ADHD, birth control, depression, insomnia, over-the-counter cold or allergy medications can also affect sleep quality.

Feeling restless

Reasons for lack of sleep

People who have battled insomnia for a while often develop poor behaviors to deal with it. Activities such as watching TV, playing video games, checking social media, spending a lot of time in bed, sleeping and doing housework make the problem worse. The person becomes anxious about not sleeping and it forms a vicious cycle. Time is best spent reading or listening to relaxing music. While sleep aids can help people feel drowsy, people should not rely on them as an easy fix. Getting back to good, quality sleep requires changes in lifestyle and sleep behavior.

sleeping hours
sleeping hours

Steps to get rid of insomnia and sleep anxiety

  1. Determine a time for sleep, no matter how busy and stressful your day is, with the need to postpone work on time and not at night at home, so that all tasks do not interfere with you.
  2. As soon as you wake up, turn on the lights or open the windows to let the sunshine in. This helps set your circadian rhythm. This is your internal clock that tells you when it’s time to feel energized or sleepy.
  3. Get some exercise. Even 15 minutes of daily physical activity improves alertness during the day and sleep quality at night. But when should you exercise? Late afternoon or early evening.
  4. Avoid consuming caffeine approximately six hours before your bedtime. Studies have shown that it can keep you awake or affect the quality of your sleep.
  5. Turn off electronic devices especially mobile and computer Laptops, tablets and phones emit blue light that can keep you awake and distract you from sleep.
  6. The bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet.
Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep


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