5 things that will make you not drink tea with milk at night.. It increases pills and insomnia

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Many people who love tea with milk like to drink it throughout the day, especially in the morning, and some of them consider it a complete light meal, especially with some biscuits or a sandwich of cheese. It is also an ideal choice as a drink on cold winter nights, especially at night time, so the seventh day reviews some The risks that tea with milk may cause, especially when consumed at night, according to the website “thehealthsite” as follows.

It increases anxiety

You should stop drinking tea frequently if you suffer from anxiety, some may think that adding it with milk makes it less harmful to sleep, but this is not true, the drink can actually trigger the symptoms of this condition and worsen its management, especially at night time.

Damage to tea with milk

dry skin

Drinking tea with milk in the evening increases skin dryness, as tea absorbs moisture and stimulates the appearance of wrinkles faster than normal.


Unlike soothing drinks that should be taken in the evening, tea with milk helps with headache symptoms, which appear at night time and just before bedtime.

Milk tea
Milk tea

grain appearance

Dry skin, lack of hydration, and drinking a large amount of tea lead to itching, including the appearance of pimples and skin infections that may greatly harm it.

Insomnia and lack of sleep hours

Tea contains caffeine, which can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause insomnia even if you add milk to the cup, so refrain from drinking tea with milk when you are already suffering from insomnia and its symptoms, and avoid drinking it, especially shortly before bed so that you can manage your sleep hours and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Quiet and healthy without insomnia.

Tea with milk
Tea with milk


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