5 benefits of making friends in the work environment.. Reducing stress and developing personality

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Friendship is characterized as one of the things that strengthen the relationship between more than two people, which may be a large group or what is called a “group” of friends, who share food and drink, sit together, and even go out for walks as well, and because many people do not find time to go out with their friends or Meeting them, some of them start making friends in the work environment, where they spend a lot of time completing their practical tasks, and there is free time between assignments and some of them, so the seventh day reviews some of the benefits of forming healthy friendships in the work environment, according to the site “healthline” as follows:

Lack of loneliness and social isolation

Loneliness and social isolation can affect mental and physical health, more and more people are feeling lonely these days, to understand the difference between these fears, think of it this way, friends help you avoid isolation especially those who are in the same work with you, but good friends help you Prevent loneliness Have you ever heard the phrase “alone in a crowd”? You can have a lot of friends and still feel lonely, even though you are not isolated.

Work environment

Reduce stress

Working continuously with a feeling of stress may cause an exaggerated feeling of tension, but making friends at work with eating together or spending time between work and the other reduces this feeling significantly.

Emotional support

One of the advantages of friendship may be the presence of great emotional support, including interest, encouragement and celebration as well, whether on personal occasions or an achievement that you have done in your work, which increases your enthusiasm and your feeling that you are part of the work entity.

Make friends
Make friends

Personal and practical development

Making friends within the work environment may help you get rid of bad habits that you do unintentionally, such as nervousness and a loud voice, but with good friends they may reduce these habits and even work on developing personality and developing your performance at work.

sense of belonging

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in which the sense of belonging is located in the third rank of needs, the person must feel that he belongs to his workplace and that he is loved in it in order to be able to be a positive and productive person.

sense of belonging
sense of belonging


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