4 ideas to coordinate the waist bag elegantly with your different looks

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Some young girls want to look elegant and fun at the same time, whether by choosing clothes very carefully, or with a fun hairstyle or with the colors of makeup that you put on the skin, and one of the details that you care about is how to wear the waist bag in different ways, without feeling bored and there are many ways , according to the sitesojournerbags“.

1 – Using the bag as a belt in the classic way

The girl may want to look elegant and graceful at the same time, and the waist bag is the one that will give her that opportunity by wearing the bag on the waist in the form of a belt, and tightening it around it, and the bag can be wrapped on the belt loops, in a quieter way, with the possibility of coordinating both The shoe with the color of the bag to make it more attractive and with more confidence in that look, while making it within reach with ease, and the girl can make the bag in the middle of the waist to define that area with a belt.

Classic style

2 – Wrap the small bag around the shoulder in a modern way

The small bag can be worn on the shoulder, elegantly and luxuriously at the same time, to give a good, likable style, and the girl can wear jeans as a jeans jacket for a lively and energetic look, and whoever wants to put things in it can move it around the back in a circular way, and she can wear The bag is in front of the chest for easy access to items.

over the shoulder

over the shoulder

3- It can be worn over formal clothes

The bag can be worn over elegant formal clothes, which gives the wearer that look, the look of a model, which makes the girl look modern, unconventional, and beautiful black shoes can be worn, which clearly shows the shape of the bag, and the bag can be worn around waist and left on one side of the body.



4- Wear the bag over a jacket

When a girl goes for an informal picnic, she can wear the bag informally, which gives a unique personality to its owner, and has a distinctive classic character, because the jacket is not limited to the office only, but it can also be taken to a picnic, for a stunning look.


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