4 colors that should be avoided when going to a job interview. Red color indicates stubbornness

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Searching for a job is one of the most important concerns of everyone, whether those who do not work or even those who seek to develop and get a better job, and as soon as they receive a letter specifying a date for the interview, each one chooses the best clothes from the point of view that he can go to that interview, and despite this The choice, however, can carry some errors such as colors. There are colors that cannot be worn while going to a job interview.topinterviewAccording to the site, it is not just choosing the shape of the clothes, whether a jacket or without a tie, or even choosing the shape of the accessories. The choice of colors indicates what you want to communicate from that interview. There are colors that give a feeling of positivity and maturity, and others that give a feeling of laziness and irresponsibility, and here Colors to avoid.

The color orange

Orange tops the list of the worst colors to wear during a job interview CareerBuilderWhere those in charge of that list confirmed that this color is usually associated with non-professional people, especially if it is written in the CVthat the applicant has no experience in the field in which he is applying to work and is satisfied only with his educational certificate.


Brown color

The brown color comes in second place from the list, as the specialists confirmed that this color gives the impression of lack of development and lethargy, and staying in the same routine, as it gives a feeling of boredom and not seeking change or towards goals, even if they come to him.

New job
New job

Red color

The color red gives a sense of power and control, but the wrong use of it gives the feeling during the interview that you are a stubborn personality, and this is what no employer wants, as he seeks an obedient and developed person.

job interview
job interview

Lots of colors

Although the use of many overlapping colors is fashionable, it is assumed that you are going to a job interview, and not to a fashion show in which to display your clothes. What you have to display is your ideas, innovations, and professional skills, in addition to the fact that the abundance of colors may distract those who are interlocutors with you.


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