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Social networking sites are one of the innovations of time, which appeared and dominated society in the last ten years, and one of the most prominent features of social networking sites is the “groups” that bring together friends, work or study colleagues, and the series “Hekayat of the Family Group”, which is One of the most important groups that many family members have on mobile phones recently, and Ahmed Ismail, an expert in family relations, explained in his interview with “The Seventh Day”, that the family “group” has many benefits and harms.

Benefits of the family group

The family relations expert confirmed that the benefits of family groups are many, as they work to link the family that some families lack after the death of the grandparents who were working on reunification, and each individual becomes busy in his work and tasks that he preoccupies with on behalf of society, adding that it has become a means of assistance to bridge the gaps between Parents and their children, as there are many parents who believe that their children have forgotten them just because they established their families, and no matter how their children justify them that they are busy with their work, and that the way of working has become different from what was previously, they are not convinced of their words, as they are still convinced that the work period is from eight in the morning until Three in the afternoon only, and they are not convinced that there are changing “work shifts”, and here comes the role of the group that gathered all family members and proved to them that their children are not the only ones who suffer from this.

The family relations expert added that one of the other benefits of these “groups” is the possibility of communicating with everyone at any time, no matter how dispersed they are and everyone is in a place and there are those who migrate outside the country, and it also allows the family to know the news of each member in it, and check on them, instead of Feeling lonely and isolated.

Family group damage

Among the harms of family groups is the belief of some that by doing this he communicates with everyone and there is no need to seek a live family interview, in addition to allowing interference in the affairs of others, and speaking in an inappropriate manner to some, and that is not taking into account the time when some are busy with their work and forcing them to respond at any time, Given that the “group” is available at any time.

Dealing in a family group
family group
Family group series


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