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News of imminent teachers’ union elections met with government silence

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publish date 2023-01-19 10:31:52

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The head of the Parliamentary Education and Youth Committee, Dr. Talib al-Sarayrah, said: “The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education informed him that the ministry will hold elections for the Teachers Syndicate next spring, and that preparations will be made for the elections,” which was confirmed by the former media spokesman for the Teachers Syndicate, Noureddine Nadim, through his Facebook account. .

Nadim said that “the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate elections will be held next spring.” He also responded to a follower’s question if it was news or hope, and he replied, “It is news.”

And the Amman Court of First Instance, in its appellate capacity, issued last June its decision, which included accepting the appeal submitted by the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate as a subject matter, and rescinding the decision issued by the Amman Magistrate Court of Rights issued on December 31, 2020, which included the dissolution of the Teachers Syndicate, and the ruling to stop its prosecution for all crimes. assigned to it, being a public law person, and at the same time the court decided to uphold the decision to dissolve the Bar Council, the central body and the branch bodies.

MP Al-Sarayrah confirmed that the principle is for the union to return to its work like the rest of the professional unions, and then elections for a new union council will be held to run its business, indicating that a committee will be appointed to conduct the elections.

Al-Sarayrah said that the ministry is awaiting a decision from the Council of Ministers regarding teachers affected by their early retirement, pointing out that the Minister of Education, Dr. Azmi Governorate, has addressed the Council of Ministers in this regard.

Al-Sarayrah pointed out that the committee will discuss these files with the Minister of Education during its next meeting, expressing his hope that there will be a decision to return teachers and reopen the syndicate and branches in the governorates.

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Freihat said, “Last month (December) was the maximum legal date for holding elections, but that did not happen, at a time when the government is not committed to implementing the decisions.”

Teachers Syndicate lawyer Bassam Freihat stated that “after the issuance of the last peremptory decision on June 26 of last year 2022, by the Amman Court of First Instance in its appellate capacity to dissolve the Council of the Syndicate, the elections will take place within six months of the issuance of the decision,” as the period expired and the elections did not take place. .

Freihat revealed the preparations he is making at the present time, to arrange a meeting that he will bring together with the Minister, Governorate, to discuss the issue of the elections.

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And the Court of Cassation decided to annul the decision to dissolve the fourth Jordanian Teachers Syndicate Council related to the donation case after completing all stages of litigation in the Court of Cassation and confirming the decision of the Court of Appeal, according to what was published by the Deputy Head of the Teachers Syndicate, Dr. Nasser Salama Nawasra.

And the court’s decision stipulated: “Annulment of the appealed decision and at the same time the ruling to dismiss the claim of the plaintiffs (the respondents) for lack of evidence and for not basing it on a valid basis of the law, while including fees and expenses.”

Democracy Now for the Arab World said in a statement, last month, that the Jordanian Minister of Education must immediately comply with the final court decision issued to reopen the closed Teachers Syndicate, which is the only union in the country concerned with protecting the rights of teachers, and stressed that “ The government must also end its retaliatory measures, including arrests of protesting teachers, vexatious prosecutions of union board members, and forced retirement of teachers who demanded reforms.

She added, “The Jordanian government’s intransigent refusal to comply with the orders of its country’s judiciary shows a disturbing disdain for the country’s citizens, as it excludes itself from the laws it expects them to abide by.” Fierce for the government to harness its power to suppress the rights of the Jordanian people.”


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