Japanese perform “Shinto” rituals in the annual cold water endurance ceremony.. Pictures

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A group of Japanese men bathed in ice water to cleanse their souls and wish good luck according to their beliefs while performing the rituals of the Japanese New Year, as Shinto believers gathered at the Kanda Myojin Shrine, in Tokyo, to participate in the annual cold water endurance ceremony..

Sprinkle ice water on their bodies

The images captured the moment when men dressed in white and headbands poured wooden pots filled with freezing water over their almost naked bodies. The worshipers, led by a priest, gathered in prayer before participating in the ritual – known as kanda myojin. cold during annual rituals as they believe it can purify their bodies and souls.

Prepare to perform the ritual
Prepare to perform the ritual

Shinto is the unofficial religion in Japan

Shinto, the unofficial religion of Japan, attaches great importance to rituals, to the continuation of the connection with the past, and the spirits that interfere in human life, and the emperors play a very large role in the worship of Shinto (the voice of the gods).

performing rituals
performing rituals

Prepare for the ritual
Prepare for the ritual

Shinto is one of the oldest religions in Japan

Shinto is the oldest religion in Japan, and it sanctifies shrines and rituals. Visiting shrines on New Year’s Eve is the most prominent of its rituals. It is an unofficial national religion, as shrines attract visitors from all over the country. The follower is associated with the local shrine rather than with the religion as a whole.

Japanese people practice Shinto rituals


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