Extraction of a magnetic bracelet from the stomach of a 4-year-old child after suffering from severe pain

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Doctors were stunned after discovering that the “colicky” pain a 4-year-old boy was experiencing was caused by a magnetic bracelet he had swallowed. from vomiting and constipation,” the newspaper reported Jam Press.


After the examination, the doctors initially diagnosed the boy with acute appendicitis and removed the appendix. However, his stomach pain continued, and he even began vomiting bile 3 days after the operation.


Discover the bracelet

After his symptoms continued to appear two days later, the doctors performed an ultrasound to see what wasn’t right, and discovered the startling cause of his pain.

The parents were equally stunned as the doctors because they did not see their son swallow anything unusual.

The effect of swallowing the bracelet

And “what made matters worse” was that the bracelet infiltrated into the body was blocking the boy’s intestines and even drilling holes in his intestines. In order to prevent further damage, doctors performed an emergency laparotomy, a process in which surgeons make an incision in the abdominal cavity and remove the bracelet, which consists of 18 hexagonal magnetic beads. They also repaired holes in the intestinal wall.

The child recovered

Fortunately, the child recovered quickly and was discharged from the hospital, while follow-up appointments revealed that he was in good health.

In a similar incident in 2020, a 5-year-old in China was so enamored with magnets that he swallowed 123 magnetic pills – which had to be removed from his stomach during a 4-hour operation.


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