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The book fair is a civilized cultural window that includes many civilizations, cultures and endless information. In the following lines, we review the etiquette of dealing inside the book fair and knowing the best gifts and appropriate clothes for attendance, according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations, indicated.

Etiquette to prepare for the book fair:

It is not right to go to the exhibition without preliminary reading about the place, how to book a book fair ticket, parking spaces, reception times for visitors and expiration dates. All the details.

Transportation waiting rules for the exhibition:

Not crowding on the bus is one of the important things for being a reader and an intellectual. Also, taking care of general hygiene is one of the important things in gatherings, whether on the bus or in the halls inside the exhibition. Also, crowding harms children psychologically and may cause injuries, and it is also unacceptable to stand between seats and close Entrance corridors and bus seating

Etiquette for choosing clothes to visit the exhibition:

When choosing clothes for visiting the exhibition for adults and children, the clothes, shoes, and bags that the visitor should use must be appropriate.

Visit the Children’s Building:

It is preferable that the clothes be in the category of “casual”, as it is considered the appropriate option for all family members to enjoy playing, reading and buying, but if the visit is to attend seminars or celebrations of cultural symbols, it is preferable to wear high-end clothes of the “semi-formal” category with leather shoes and classic bags, It is suitable for closed halls, quiet and elegant sitting, taking care not to bring children.

Tips before entering the book fair:

At the exhibition entrances, the ticket that was sent on “WhatsApp or e-mail” is opened to verify the gate number and show it to the organizing officials on the gate, to enter the exhibition, with great care to have a refined treatment, and to introduce the elderly and people with special needs by Healthy and young in every way.

Respect the rules written in the halls:

It is not permissible to touch exhibits on which it is forbidden to touch, and smoking is also not permissible inside the halls due to the presence of a large number of people present and because no tool should be used that may harm books and cause fire.

It is not permissible to eat food:

It is not right to eat food, sweets, and ice cream in halls and when buying books Also, all visitors must adhere to the precautionary measures by wearing a protective mask, in line with the strict instructions provided by the Ministry of Health regarding this matter, while maintaining calm.

Gifts to be purchased from the book fair:

Since we are at the book fair, there is nothing better than gifts in the form of books But we have to know the tendencies of the reader, and what kind of books the gifted person prefers. Also, we can buy illustrated stories or coloring booklets for children, as these booklets are considered the ideal gift for children in general. You can give the writer gifts, chocolates, and roses, and the writer can be asked what he wants. In the event that there is a relationship between the two of you.


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