7 winter hand care tips.. Get rid of dead skin

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Dry hands is one of the most common things in the winter, and we may notice that many girls suffer from cracks in the skin, and this problem is due to several reasons, it may be weather factors, or the hands are permanently exposed to water, so we review during the following lines the causes of dry hands and ways to get rid of them Remove dead skin and get smooth, flawless skin, according to healthline


Make sure to choose the appropriate type of lotion, which is made specifically for hand washing, and does not cause dryness, but contributes to getting rid of cracks and dead skin.


Hand exfoliation must be done once or 3 times a week, with sugar and coffee, or any medical scrub that carries natural ingredients.


In the event that your skin is very dry, it is preferable that you always moisturize every two hours a day, while making sure to choose the type of strong moisturizer suitable for the nature of your skin, after completing the peeling stage.

Cactus gel:

You can use Jabbar gel as a natural moisturizer, which is able to get rid of cracks in the skin more safely, and does not cause problems or side factors.


When you are exposed to water permanently, make sure to wear gloves when washing utensils, to protect them from soap damage.

The sun visor:

It is important to take care to use sunscreen to protect hands from UV damage, morning and night for best results.

cold water:

Avoid washing hands with very hot water, but it is preferable to use cold water to suit the weather temperature, reduce the risk of dehydration, or the formation of dead skin.

Get rid of austerity

Getting rid of dry hands
Getting rid of dry hands
dry hands
dry hands


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