Things in the kitchen that must be disposed of after a certain period

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Being environmentally friendly is not only on the street, or in recycling your old supplies, or using less fuel only, but there are many different ways of that friendship, including not keeping things that are harmful to the environment, in the hope that you can use them later or reuse them In something new and different, this retention may be one of the reasons for the spread of diseases, such as keeping the old meat cutter in the kitchen, so the seventh day reviews you a group of things that are kept in your kitchen but must be disposed of immediately, according to the “eatingwell” website.

Old dish sponge

Many keep old sponges for washing dishes or using them for a long time until they are final, in the belief that they wash and sterilize them well every time after use. A study published in 2017 in the journal Nature discovered that the sponge used harbors bacteria that reach serious threats with many dangerous diseases. It must be disposed of immediately if it changes color or has a foul odor.

Old cutting boards

Keeping cutting boards, especially meat and raw food, is a fertile environment for bacteria to retain and grow, by being present between the cracks in them as a result of frequent use, which can make you permanently sick without realizing that it is the cause.

dilapidated tools

There are a lot of tools that have no use in the kitchen, and have no benefit other than forming dust on top, so you have to do one of two ways, either get rid of them if they are worn out, or donate them if they are intact to someone who needs them.

Sauce packages

Many keep the sauce packages that come with ready-made meals, believing that they will use them later, but they did not bring any benefit, only filling the kitchen with chaos, and occupying space in the kitchen, due to its accumulation.


Some people believe that as long as the spices are kept in an airtight place, they can be used for a lifetime, and this is a misconception, as these spices, like any other food, have an expiration date, and they must be observed from time to time because they can contain tiny internal insects that are harmful to health.

cooking oil

Some believe that oils do not have a shelf life, and can last for a long time. This is a wrong belief, as oils over time become sour and lose their qualities. Cooking oils can last a year after opening, but olive oil does not last more than two months.

Kitchen stuff
Dish loofah
Dish loofah


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