The best 4 simple and quick exercises at home to warm up the body

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Certainly, in this cold weather, a person needs some means that can reduce the coldness of the weather, whether he gets hot drinks or delicious saturated foods that warm the body, or resort to light exercises that warm the body and move the blood to feel warm and hot in a few minutes..

There are movements of light exercises that can be done to get the body warm, with the flow of blood and make the muscles and tendons more supple, with health at the same time, and there are some exercises that can be done easily from home, according to the website. verywellfit“.

Body weight squat:

This exercise is easy and does not require effort, because squatting exercises help to warm the body, from the back, back, quadriceps, abdomen and hamstrings, and squatting from body weight is a light and easy exercise, because the movement of the body is compound for the whole body, and helps to warm up many muscles at once .

Exercise instructions:

Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward, straight or slightly outward.

Putting hands on the hip or in front of the body.

Bend the hip back with the knee bent and keep the weight on the heel, with the hip lowered toward the floor, keeping the back straight.

Continue lowering until you feel the thigh muscles stretch, then stop, count, and then return to the starting position with heel pressure and hips extended. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.


Four-legged exercise:

This exercise is amazing for warming up the abdominal and lower back muscles, and this movement activates the core muscles that support the spine, and the muscles of the lower back and rock will also benefit from this movement.

Exercise instructions:

Sit on all fours on the floor with the knee under the hip and the wrist under the shoulder.

Tighten the abdominal muscles and keep the spine in a neutral position, while pulling the shoulder blades back and down towards the hips.

Raise the left leg while lengthening it until it becomes straight from the bottom and in line with the hips, and raise the right arm at the same time until it is parallel to the ground, with the head and shoulder straight.

The arm and leg can be slowly lowered to the starting position, alternating each leg and the other arm.

Repeat this movement 10 times for each side.



Descent and ascent exercise:

This exercise helps to strengthen the front muscles of the body and lengthen the muscles of the back body while feeling warm and hot, and the whole body is in harmony with this exercise.

Exercise instructions:

Stand straight normally.

Get down and touch the ground with your fingertips, or touch your palms.

With the leg straight, and walk with the hands forward as much as possible, without moving the hips.

Finish by placing your hands under your shoulders.

Then slowly return to the feet and then to the position from the beginning.

Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Descent and ascent

Descent and ascent

Gate opener exercise:

This exercise warms the body with soft work for the muscles of the lower part of the body, the pelvis and the torso, and improves the movement and movement of the hips with a work of balance, and it is great for the lumbar muscles that extend the lower back.

Exercise instructions:

Stand up straight with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward or slightly outward.

Keeping the arm next to the body, pull the shoulder blades back and down.

Move the body to the right side and raise the left knee to near mid-stomach height, moving the right leg in and across the midline of the body, with the left knee crossing over the right leg.

Then move the raised left leg outward and up to the left, with the hip as open as possible.

Slowly return the knee to the middle and then lower it, to the starting position by lowering the foot towards the ground.

Switch sides and repeat this movement 10 times for each side.

Gate exercise
Gate exercise


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