Don’t stress.. 10 tips for the mother to deal with her child before the exam

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Exams coincide with anxiety and tension, as the closer the exam approaches, the more severe insomnia and lack of sleep among students and mothers, so the seventh day reviews, in the following lines, some tips to reduce anxiety and stress during exam days, according to Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant.

Overcoming maternal anxiety


It is useful to prepare and prepare for the exam through training in the form of the exam and training in solving similar forms before the exam

Diversity of study methods:

Study methods should be diversified instead of standard study methods, and the material should be divided into parts for ease of recall and collection

relaxation exercises:

Follow some relaxation exercises that relieve anxiety by relaxing muscles, breathing calmly, relieving tension, and avoiding caffeine such as coffee because it helps with anxiety and stress.

food system:

Follow a balanced diet during the exams period to avoid loss of appetite and a variety of food items with fruits and nuts that help stimulate the brain and strengthen memory.

Distance to leave the material:

Avoid accumulation of study materials and should be completed in an appropriate period before the exam to allow sufficient time for revision opportunities.

Studying in ventilated places:

It is important to study in well-ventilated places away from bedrooms because it increases the desire to sleep for a long time to escape from studying and performing tasks.

space in time:

it is necessary Not to limit the time and any other tasks can be postponed until after the exams and allocate suitable times for studying and re-reviewing the lessons.

Postpone visits:

The house must be prepared for the period of exams, and some time-wasting visits should be canceled and postponed after the exam, and study in a quiet atmosphere away from noise and family gatherings.

Benefit from previous experience:

It is important to take advantage of the difficulties or situations in previous exams and prepare to enter the next exam with previous experiences.

Maternal stress
Maternal stress
Tips for dealing with children
Tips for dealing with children


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