Clear signs warn you that your child is spoiled.. the most prominent lack of sportsmanship

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Sometimes mothers, when they lavish tenderness on their children with more love, may permeate in the midst of those feelings. The child may grow up and be spoiled inside, and this is definitely a bad thing and not good at all. Thus, the mother and father must learn how to balance the feelings of fatherhood and the affection that is given to the child and pampering him and making him not grateful for anything he gets, according to the website.timesofindia“.

Some adjectives that indicate that your child is spoiled:

He can’t stand the word no:

Certainly raising a child is not easy, and the mother and her child may be anywhere and he wants something, and when she tells him of her refusal and that she is not ready to buy this thing for the child, the child finds it difficult to accept the matter, because the mother and father did not reject his request earlier, which the child finds Unusual, which causes the child to go into bouts of excessive anger, kicks and even screams.

spoiled baby girl

Does not respect your word:

The spoiled child often does not listen to the mother when she tells him that there is something correct for him to follow, and for this the mother must teach him without motivating factors, such as giving him anything in return, for example, the child must be taught to eat vegetables and fruits without the mother giving him candy or ice cream later , so as not to spoil the child and difficult to handle afterward.



He is never satisfied with what he has:

Both the mother and the father should teach the little one how to be grateful for the things he has, because appreciating things and feeling joyful because they are there makes the child not greedy because he appreciates everything around him, both material and moral.

He has no sportsmanship.

A child may play a game, and an aspect of his personality may appear. He may disrupt the game when he loses, or he may have a fit of anger because the loss is painful for him, and he does not accept it no matter what. It may be natural for him to feel upset, but as long as he can win, he should appreciate the loss At the same time, with whom to play with, and that is why the mother should tell her child that this is normal. Once he loses and the next time he wins, so that he has patience and steadfastness in life.

baby girl
baby girl


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