An American who claims to have skin cancer from a manicure, complains to a beauty salon

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Grace Garcia, 50, a mother of three from San Gabriel, near Los Angeles, has been diagnosed with stage 1 squamous cell carcinoma — a common type of skin cancer — In April, according to the British “Daily Mail” website.

Mrs. Garcia – who has been doing her manicures for more than two decades – went to a new looking “luxury” salon ahead of Thanksgiving in November 2021, but during her manicure, the nail technician slipped and she got a cut.

injured woman’s nails

Ms Garcia said: “Today I got cut, and it wasn’t just an ordinary cut of skin.

injured lady
injured lady

The lady files a complaint with the salon

Mrs. Garcia went back to the salon to file a complaint, she said: “I felt bad and I went back and told them that the lady had cut me, and my finger is still bothering me,” and they said, “We separated it after a lot of complaints,” while the wound healed with the passage of days, but soon Mrs. Garcia noticed that there were A “bump” that is darker in color than the rest of her skin and feels painful if she is exposed to something.

The stage of the woman discovering her illness

The American woman was worried and visited her primary care doctor in April 2022, who referred her to a dermatologist, but they only told her the need to monitor her, and when the bumps changed to look like an “open wound”, she returned to the doctors, who ordered a sample, only to discover that she had cancer. skin in the first stage.


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