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The billing system is not intended to impose or increase taxes

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publish date 2023-01-17 16:44:37

Hossam Abu Ali, Director General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, said that the electronic national billing system does not aim to impose or increase taxes, but it is an organizational one that aims to transfer invoice data and document it electronically easily for each user, and does not entail any financial costs or burdens.

Abu Ali explained during a meeting organized by the Jordanian European Business Association yesterday, Monday, that the diagnosis, which included all economic sectors, took into account that this system would be able to accommodate all accounting systems used by different sectors, as well as the ability to adapt to deal with these systems without arranging any changes. on her.

And he indicated that Income Tax Law No. 38 of 2018 requires, through the provisions of paragraph (f) of Article (23), that “a person is obligated to issue an original invoice in return for providing any service or selling any commodity in the Kingdom, and to organize all matters related to billing systems, issuance and control and the categories excluded from it in accordance with a regulation issued for this purpose.

And based on the provisions of this paragraph, the Regulation of Billing Affairs Regulation and Control No. (34) of 2019 was issued, and based on the provisions of Article (16) of the Regulation of Billing Affairs Regulation and Control No. (34) of 2019, the Executive Instructions for Billing Affairs and Control No. (1) of 2019 were issued 2019.

He pointed to the advantages of the system in reducing human intervention, facilitating procedures for auditing taxpayers’ files, speeding up the completion of their transactions, and accelerating their obtaining tax clearance, as well as eliminating the burdens of transferring invoice books and financial statements from companies to tax auditors’ offices, and there will be special treatment for declarations submitted by taxpayers who are committed to the system. Billing when selecting an audit sample.

He pointed out that there will be procedures and steps to be taken later, which will benefit those obligated to the billing system to enhance compliance with the bill and achieve tax justice.

He explained that sectoral work teams have been allocated to assist the groups covered by the billing system, with the aim of guiding them, educating them, assisting them technically and technically, and facilitating them in the procedures for connecting to the system and using one of the platforms that suits each of them.

And he indicated that the system takes into account the requirements of security, protection and confidentiality of information according to the law that prevents the disclosure of any information that is viewed, and thus all the information on the department’s systems cannot be viewed by any of the parties according to the law.

Abu Ali called on various companies, establishments and obligated persons to join the billing system and seize the opportunity to use it at the present time to take advantage of the procedures offered by the department to help them and provide the services they need during this trial period.

In his turn, the head of the association, Ali Murad, said that the meeting aims to explain the national electronic billing system, the procedures for joining it, and answer inquiries and questions related to it.

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