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Miswak is an alternative to a toothbrush and toothpaste in one natural tool that was used since more than 5000 years BC, when it was used in the era of the Babylonians and ancient Egyptians, as it is taken from olive trees, and the Salvadora persica tree, known as “Arak” in Arabic. Numerous studies conducted by the World Health Organization found that people who used miswak regularly needed much less dental care than those who used toothpaste, so the seventh day reviews a range of different benefits of miswak, according to the “stylecraze” website.

Fights tooth decay and cavities

Using the miswak helps to strengthen the tooth enamel thanks to the presence of sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxide, and thus helps to clean and whiten the teeth.

Protects from tartar and plaque

The miswak works to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque resulting from eating foods and drinking drinks that change the taste, and this is due to its antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from accumulating on the teeth and gums.

Getting rid of bad breath

Bad breath is an indication of many dental problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay, and it is also the result of a lack of saliva secretion.

Fights harmful germs and bacteria

Several studies conducted by the World Health Organization reported that miswak contains a number of active antibacterial compounds that strongly fight the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Protects and strengthens the gums

Plaque build-up affects the gums just as it affects the teeth. Gingivitis and periodontitis can occur in addition to the acute pain of something too cold or hot from time to time.

pain killer

Miswak contains ingredients that have pain-relieving properties that help deal with inflammation and pain, especially in the gums.

Effective and affordable

We change many toothpastes to get satisfactory results, but the use of miswak is simple in cost, and it provides you with the desired result from the first use, as it reaches every corner of the mouth for effective cleaning.


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