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With a decrease in the air temperature, we may find that some of us need to drink hot drinks that warm and provide us with energy, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, providing easy-to-prepare drinks that can be consumed easily in your kitchen and in an inexpensive way, so we follow up with the chef Fatima Abdel Moneim, how to make warming drinks

Hot chocolate

Hot drinks: hot chocolate.. Ingredients:

a glass of milk

A teaspoon of cocoa

One tablespoon of sugar

A teaspoon of starch

How to prepare:

In a suitable bowl, add milk, cocoa, sugar and starch

Then my heart in a good way

Then put it on the fire until it reaches a boiling point

Then put it in a serving cup, and decorate it with chocolate sauce, cream, or marshmallows


Hot hibiscus.. Ingredients:

Half a cup of hibiscus leaf

4 cups of water,

sugar to taste

How to prepare:

In a suitable bowl, add hibiscus leaves with water and sugar

Then put it on the fire and stir constantly until it reaches a boiling point

Then filter the hibiscus with a strainer

Then put it in cups to serve

Hot hibiscus helps to raise blood pressure for those with low pressure

Hot Cinnamon Drink.. Ingredients:

A tablespoon of cinnamon

A tablespoon of sugar

Cup water


In a suitable bowl, add cinnamon, water and sugar

Then put it on the fire for 2 minutes

Then add it to a serving cup with a cinnamon stick and serve hot

It is preferable to eat cinnamon at night, as it helps regulate blood sugar

Chamomile flower drink.. Ingredients:

One tablespoon of chamomile flowers

Cup water

A tablespoon of sugar


The ingredients are mixed together

Then it is put on fire for 3 minutes

Then we filter the drink well with a strainer and serve it in a serving cup

Chamomile flower drink helps relieve symptoms of colds

Chamomile drink
Chamomile drink

Green tea drink.. Ingredients:

A tablespoon of green tea leaves

A cup of hot water

How to prepare:

In a cup of hot water, add green tea leaves and leave for 3 minutes. You can add sugar as desired

Green tea helps to reduce weight after meals

Green tea
Green tea


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