7 important tips for a husband to deal with his wife if she has cancer

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The most beautiful human moments Absolutely, it is the feeling of support and containment by the people we always want close to us, so what if this containment was in moments of distress and illness, those moments when masks and faces are revealed to reveal the authentic metal, or betrayal of those whom you have provided good one day, in the drama series “There is Hope” It is currently broadcasting on Alcbc Within the series Every Week is a Story, we realize through this novel the value of psychological support for cancer patients, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, important tips for a husband’s dealings with his sick wife, according to what was indicated by Dr. Reham Abdel Rahman, a psychological researcher and family consultant.

There is hope for stories on CBC

Understanding and empathy:

Your wife needs to understand her feelings, especially in the first stage of treatment, as the woman suffers from fear, anxiety, and mood swings, and therefore she needs you to understand and be psychologically close to her..

Psychological care:

In these difficult times, a woman needs an honest husband who includes her with his love and care for her, without making her feel bored, grumpy, or alienated from her, because that hurts her more than the disease itself..


By talking about similar cases that God has blessed with healing, instilling hope and reassurance in situations of distress, indicating the authentic character of the husband who stands beside his wife and supports her..

Do not draw attention:

Be careful not to look at the missing part of your wife, or to draw attention to the paleness of her face, or the change in her features and the loss of her hair, because she is waiting for you to see this look in your eyes, which will inevitably weaken her and she will not be able to face the dreaded disease after that..

Be a spouse and companion:

Married life is not only times of happiness and fun, but also times of distress and need. Bear the responsibility as a husband who accompanies his wife to treatment sessions, takes her by the hand, and reads about the nature and stages of illness to help his wife endure and accept.. Just make her feel your concern..

Share your homework:

So that your wife does not feel the burdens and pressures besides the disease. Share this responsibility with love and express your gratitude to her for her efforts, and avoid making her feel pity and sympathy, whether through words or behavior..

Containment and appreciation:

Offer her words of praise and flattery, and remember together the happy and funny times, and participate with her in talking about the future of the children, as this instills hope in her and makes her overcome the stages of despair and illness .. Show love and concern for your wife, as that means a lot to her.

There is hope
There is hope
spousal support
spousal support


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