5 benefits of body lotion that make it essential in your skin care routine

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Body lotion is one of the many things that can be used after showering, due to its many benefits such as moisturizing and softening, exfoliating the body and getting rid of hair growth under the skin, as it performs many functions at the same time, and it is also suitable for all types of skin, and there are many benefits of lotion For the whole body reviewed by the seventh day according to the “everydayhealth” website.

Moisturizing dry skin

Lotion is an alternative to many body moisturizers, as it not only moisturizes the body, but also relieves it from dryness, and treats chapped skin due to wind or harsh cold, high heat, or frequent use of cosmetics, so the lotion that is applied after every shower can help lock in moisture Deep into the skin to keep it hydrated and supple.

Rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of dead cells

Dark spots appear on all skin types, in addition to the presence of rough areas on the body, such as the elbows or knees, so here comes the role of lotion after showering, or at bedtime. With regular use, Rejuvenating Lotion can get rid of rough skin and make it smooth and silky like the rest. the body.

Skin care

Body perfume

Everyone likes to feel refreshed after a shower and to have a beautiful and distinctive scent, and this is what lotion does to the body, as it gives the feeling of enjoying a sense of relaxation on the body, hands and feet, in addition to the distinctive natural scents.

Helps to relax

Just try massaging the body with fragrant lotion on the hands, as it gives a feeling of hydration, comfort and relaxation, and adds warmth to the body, in addition to a feeling of softness, which works to relieve stress.


Helps skin glow

The lotion works to get rid of dark spots, exfoliate the body, and get rid of dead skin, which leads to glowing skin, and gives it the necessary freshness.


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