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Intermittent snow showers in these areas on Monday evening

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publish date 2023-01-16 13:01:13

The Arab Weather website for weather forecasts said that weather maps indicate that the Kingdom will be affected in the afternoon and evening hours by a state of atmospheric instability.

He added that clouds multiply and showers of rain fall on random areas of the Kingdom, including the Al-Jafr district and the Baghdad International Road leading to the Trebil border crossing with Iraq, in addition to administratively areas of the capital, Amman, including the east of the Giza Brigade and parts of the desert road, and may affect parts of the region. snag.

He pointed out that rain showers are sometimes heavy in some geographical areas, especially from the eastern desert, including the Baghdad International Road, and perhaps parts of the Jordan Valley, accompanied by thunder and showers of hail, which leads to raising the possibility of torrential formation, especially in the east of the Kingdom.

Arab Weather pointed to the possibility of intermittent snow showers for a temporary period, at the beginning of the night, over the high southern mountainous heights, which are more than 1,600 meters above sea level. Opportunities include Ras al-Naqab and its environs.

During the night hours of Monday / Tuesday, the effects of the air instability in the far east of the Kingdom increase, as showers of rain fall, sometimes heavy rains, especially in the Ruwaished area and Baghdad International Road, the rain is accompanied by the occurrence of thunder and showers of hail sometimes in some areas, which may lead to form torrents.

As for the rest of the Kingdom, the possibility of rain remains weak and limited, and frost forms in the southern highlands.

And starting with the hours after midnight and during the dawn period, the effects of the state of air instability recede from the east of the Kingdom, and the atmosphere tends to gradually stabilize.

Important recommendations:

Pay attention to the dangers of torrential rains, especially in the southeast and east of the Kingdom

Stay away from the stomachs of valleys and streams of torrents.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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