Al-Safadi directs the Secretariat of Representatives to facilitate the tasks of journalists covering the work and activities of the Council

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publish date 2023-01-15 12:52:00

Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Safadi affirmed that the parliament will remain open to everyone and its doors are open to various media outlets, as it is the appointed partner watchdog with the parliament in monitoring various aspects of public affairs.

This came when he met at the Council House today, Sunday, with a number of media representatives accredited by their institutions to cover the activities and work of the Council, in the presence of the First Deputy, Dr.

Al-Safadi stressed that the House of Representatives is keen to overcome the obstacles facing the media and to provide various aspects of support, backing and facilities necessary to facilitate the work of journalists, and looks forward to the various media outlets to convey the truth and accurate information to public opinion.

Al-Safadi directed the General Secretariat of the Council to follow up the affairs of journalists and media professionals, facilitate their tasks, and provide all forms of logistical support necessary to enable them to carry out their duties in covering the various work of the Council to the fullest.

Al-Safadi pointed out the importance of observations and suggestions made by media representatives to organize their mission within the Council and during attending meetings, sessions, interviews and conducting press interviews, stressing the need to take them into account.

The President of the Journalists’ Syndicate, Rakan Al-Sa’ida, valued the House of Representatives’ step in continuous consultation with the Syndicate in order to overcome any obstacles facing the work of journalists in their coverage of the Council’s activities, stressing that the media constitutes a pressing, effective and influential means of control.

While the media representatives expressed their appreciation for the support provided by the Council to them during their press coverage of the activities of the Council, stressing that this meeting reflects the keenness of the Council Presidency and the Permanent Bureau and their respect for the important role played by the media in reporting the overall work of the Council of Representatives and the events taking place in its corridors.

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