Our beautiful morals.. 6 tips to be a classy woman, the most important of which is avoiding gossip councils

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A classy and elegant woman is not only like that with her consistent clothes, accessories, and her expensive phone, but she is distinguished by the way she deals with others, whether at work or the club, or with her family. High and quarrels with others always without taking into account their circumstances, and there are many of those bad qualities that no elegant woman reviews “The Seventh Day” does to avoid them, according to the “hackspirit” website.

Don’t embarrass anyone

A classy woman respects everyone, even those from whom she feels unloved, and at the same time she can express what is inside her in a polite manner and at the appropriate time, without embarrassing herself or others.

Classy woman

Don’t speak out loud

This woman maintains a quiet level of voice, wherever she is, whether in a closed place, or a public place, and this is not because they are shy, but because they are aware that the loud voice is annoying, and does not communicate the information properly.

Don’t always hold her phone

Classy women know that everything has its appointed time, so it is not possible for her to sit in a meeting with a group of people or even in a club, and to hold her phone, as they prefer to enjoy every moment as it suits her, without any distraction, in addition to respecting others.

the phone
the phone

Elegant women never eat with a voice

Eating is an essential thing for everyone, but for elegant women they must eat in a distinguished and respectful way for themselves and for those around them, so you can never eat in an annoying way, so if they are aware that when they eat a certain food such as crispy potatoes, lettuce and cucumber they make a sound they avoid eating it in front of others, no matter what The degree of comfort was between them.


Don’t leave behind a mess

That woman is known for her order and arrangement, so everything is put in its place, so when they open toothpaste they put it in its place after finishing, and when they sit in a place they don’t mess around, and when they enter the bathroom they arrange it before leaving it.

Avoid gossip

One of the most important features of elegant women is that they do not get involved in gossip and avoid its councils, as they consider it self-harm and a waste of time, and it penetrates the privacy of others. Moreover, they do not find any pleasure in getting to know other people’s affairs. their skills.


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