Instead of gifts, a bride asks the guests to pay for their meals at the wedding

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An American bride revealed that she is considering asking her wedding guests to pay for their meals instead of buying a gift, which sparked controversy over “right and wrong” money-saving ideas. To ask her friends who are traveling interstate to attend the wedding.


The reactions varied

Many people criticized the bride because of this idea, but some believe that it is acceptable and that she is smart and saving, and many of them shared their opinion of the idea, as one of them said: “If you invite people, you must feed them, they also should not give a gift because flights and accommodation are just for arrival.” There is enough.”

Another said: “It is certainly bad manners to ask guests to pay for their meals,” and another commented: “You can save on other things from the wedding,” while some said they did not see a problem with the idea.

A soccer-loving Indian couple wears Messi and Mbappe shirts at their wedding

On the other side of strange weddings, it is noteworthy that a couple crazy about football and the World Cup celebrated – earlier at the end of last year – by wearing Messi and Mbappe shirts at their wedding, then the couple raced home to watch the final match of the tournament, where they did not The couple wants their wedding day to stand in the way of their love for football, and while they met each other in most of their daily lives, they did not agree on the team they should support together.

A couple fantasizes about their traditional wedding dress in love with Missy and Mbami

Sachin is a big fan of the Argentine star Lionel Messi, while Athira is a big fan of the French football team starring Mbappe, and the duo loved the game so much that they did not choose the traditional wedding dress and instead chose to wear French and Argentine football shirts bearing the names of Messi and Mbappe.


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