Falso’s tips for weight loss may cause weight gain.. “The last time to eat is a myth.”

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Everyone, without exception, is looking for agility and the perfect body that is devoid of any defects, and they follow the advice that tells them about certain things, so that they may lose and lose the weight that they gained during previous periods. Unfortunately, these tips may work the other way around, which increases the person’s weight instead of losing it, and he feels confused, because he followed the advice accurately, but there are incorrect tips that gain weight and cause the diet to fail instead of losing excess weight, and to find out, follow the next report, according to the website “your tango”.

1- Do not eat after 7 pm

A fact that everyone should know is that the time when you stop eating has nothing to do with the weight a person gains, but the most important thing is the number of calories that a person eats during the day and what he consumes is what he has to know, and for this the person must know the amount of calories he eats heat throughout the day.

2- Do cardio exercises to lose weight

Doing running exercises for about 30 minutes, which means that the person burns about 270 calories, but cardio exercises are not good on their own, but the exercises must have more strength in order to have muscles to increase the metabolism that helps the body burn a lot of calories quickly and then lose excess weight.

3 – Follow-up of the weight first:

Certainly weighing the same person every day will feel a lot of frustration, which makes the person not have the ability to eat a vegetable and salad dish or exercise, because slow weight loss makes the person not motivated, but the weight every week to know the progress that the person has made, and the extent of progress The person for the sport and is the clothes better than before.

4 – Do not monitor what you eat as long as you do sports

This advice is definitely incorrect, as doing exercise that lasts from 30 minutes to 60 minutes is not enough to burn the fatty food you eat during the day, and for this it is important to control the amount of meals that a person eats, because if a person eats a lot of calories, he may actually gain weight. And sports will not prevent this.

5 – Cut out all carbs

This advice is not correct at all, as this means that the person should not eat bread, pasta, rice and fruits, in order to be able to get rid of the weight that he gained quickly. This system should not be followed because the body needs carbohydrates for energy, and instead of abstaining from all carbohydrates, it is possible to eat carbohydrates. Complex foods such as quinoa, barley and whole wheat bread keep you feeling full for a long time.

6- Skipping meals

It may be among the wrong advice to skip meals, to reduce the calories that are eaten, but the body is smart and understands and stores fats for later use as its energy, which makes losing weight not possible, and instead, small meals can be eaten frequently until Consume your caloric intake.

7 – Keep tight jeans for motivation

Undoubtedly, this advice is harsh and causes great torment, so the motivation must be something positive and not frustrating every time these tight pants are measured without a leader, but the positive incentive is a good thing that raises morale and rewards the soul with something desirable.


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