6 tips that make marital disputes more positive.. “Don’t look for victory.”

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The life partner has to accept his other partner, with all of his attributes, so that life can continue with success and love, without any problems, but some may have disagreements between them that may not end and continue all the time. The quarrel may occur between the spouses, for the most trivial reasons, and for this reason both parties must ask about the reason for the marital differences, and the matter may revolve around who wins in the end, and there are some ways that make the two parties stop the continuous argument, according to the site.brides“.

Tips to stop arguing between couples

positive outlook

Arguing all the time means that the relationship is still important for both parties, because some may not quarrel with unimportant people, and once the quarrel stops, it may be possible to search for the cause of the problem itself.

Stop being right

This may be one of the most difficult things that both parties can do, because each party wants to prove that he is right all the time, and that the other party is wrong, and instead of getting into a fight, we can easily ask for what we want.


Take a moment to calm down

When feeling angry, the person should try to sit alone to think about the matter slowly and calmly, and anger comes when everyone has something that has not been met in the way he wants, and he does not feel enjoying or taking it seriously, and you must focus on what you need.

Stay on point

You can focus on the present moment without thinking about previous things that happened in the past, while trying to focus on the problem that bothers the partner, searching around and asking for what you need, while not feeling frustrated if you do not take what you want.

Talk about feelings

When talking with your life partner in an argument, do not blame your partner, and you should focus with him on what he may have done wrong only, focusing on feelings and conveying them simply instead of accusing the party of anything.

Slow breathing

Before saying anything, it is necessary to take a deep breath, to give the soul an opportunity to think, and not to say something mean because some may say that if they feel some severe harm, and for this the other tries to make the other party feel the pain he felt, while trying to remember the good and happy times that passed on both sides and brought them together.



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