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Consumer protection explains the reasons for the low prices of some vegetables

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publish date 2023-01-15 11:02:41

Compass – Amman

The Consumer Protection Association said that the decrease in the prices of some types of vegetables came as a result of the quantities offered compared to the quantities required, as well as due to the mild weather and the absence of frost in agricultural areas.

A source in the association told Al-Bawsala that, “As it is known, frost destroys large quantities of vegetables.”

The association called on citizens to buy vegetables and fruits in moderate quantities and not rush to buy commodities because that would contribute to increasing the required quantities and thus increasing the price.

Today, Sunday, the quantities of vegetables, fruits, and leafy vegetables imported to the central wholesale market of the Greater Amman Municipality reached 3,208,081 tons, distributed among 1,949,270 tons of vegetables, 988,973 tons of fruits, and 269,838 tons of leafy greens.

The quantities imported into the export yard amounted to 360,991 tons of vegetables and fruits.

The Central Market Bulletin specified a list of item prices according to the lowest and highest price per kilo as follows:

Ajami black eggplant from 10 to 20 piasters

Dry onions from 35 to 55 piasters

Potatoes from 25 to 40 piasters

Tomatoes from 7 to 15 piasters

A choice from 15 to 30 piasters

Lemons from 50 to 80

Zahra from 15 to 30 piasters.

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